Romans 7

Paul speaking as Regenerate or Reprobate in Romans 7

Many months ago I found my self defending the traditional interpretation of Romans 7 after being introduced to a new interpretation. It had me asking is Paul speaking as Regenerate or Reprobate in Romans 7. The traditional interpretation goes like this: Paul is speaking in Romans 7:14-25 as a saved man struggling with sin, he battles and is frustrated by the intense war of the sin in his flesh that does manifest its ugly head in[…]


Christian Soldiers – Sermon

 Christian Soldiers Read all of 2 Timothy 2   Paul who is in prison at the time he writes this, is specifically writing to Timothy in order to encourage him as a church leader. Do not be side tracked by that. Even though this section of his letter is directed to men who are to lead the church, there is still a practical use for everyone in everything that Paul is speaking about, in the[…]


Should Gay Christians get Married?

Tony Campolo says “I think the ethically responsible thing for gay and lesbian Christians to do is to form lasting, covenanted partnerships. I also believe that the church should help them in those partnerships in the same way the church should fortify traditional marriages.” Why is it such a big deal for Anthony Campolo to make statements like this, why is the question, Should Gay Christians get Married so important? First, the bible clearly teaches[…]


Paul’s Arguments in 1 Corinthians (Commentary)

  Commentary by Brandon S. Limpert Paul’s Arguments in 1 Corinthians are over many different issues from sexual immorality to eating meat offered to idols, yet there is one core theological misunderstanding hidden at the heart of all of these problems, which has ensnared the believers at Corinth. This theological problem is a false understanding of what it means to be spiritual and an amnesia concerning the message of the gospel. Much like the church[…]


Review of Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema

by Brandon Limpert   I found Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema to be very balanced and well thought out work. He enlightened me on some issues concerning the fruit of the Spirit in chapter three under the heading “The Fruit of the Spirit”. I had never really thought much about the fact that the bible never calls the gifts “fruits” with an “s,” which really makes strong sense with the rest of the bible’s[…]


Election and the Triune God in Redemption

Paul’s Doctrine of Election and the Role of the Triune God in Redemption by Brandon Limpert   One of the most debated subjects in the church today is “election” and “the role of the Trinity in man’s redemption.” It is widely held in modern Christian evangelical churches that man plays a pinnacle role in securing his own election, however, this is not the picture that Paul paints for us in the scriptures. Paul describes a[…]


Mediate vs. Immediate Imputation of Adam’s Sin

Review of The Imputation of Adam’s Sin by John Murray By Brandon Limpert When it comes to the Doctrine of Original Sin most people like to focus on Romans 5:12-19, because they tend to think that these verses are the ultimate nail in the coffin for those that oppose this doctrine. However, I find that this doctrine is actually not proven if these verses are the only verses used in support of the argument. Murray[…]


The Doctrine of Justification

The Doctrine of Justification by Brandon Limpert How often we look past the doctrine of justification as a secondary issue when in fact this doctrine is so critical that it separates the sheep from the goats. Too often I have found myself in the past trying to bridge the divide between Protestants and Catholics only to eventually have the ecumenical horse I’m riding on ripped out from underneath my feet by the word of God.[…]


Biola University “Mock Rock” 2015 (It’s Whatever) Satanic Blasphemy

I find it very ironic that Biola University in La Mirada California calls its elaborate and worldly student entertainment “Mock Rock.” In 2015’s “It’s Whatever” edition the students do nothing but mock the very Rock that the school claims to be standing on as their firm foundation, Jesus Christ. I was horrified to see my cousin dancing around in a play that portrays villains as misunderstood heroes. Especially Batman’s Joker and Maleficent. This was shocking[…]